Keyless Entry Locks

Keep on losing your keys? Of you're so forgetful that you always leave them behind? No need to worry because we've got the right solution only for you. Locks without the need of keys to open is your best option. No more lost keys with these type of locks. In fact, there are other types of locks that can be opened via bio metrics, key fob, fingerprints of even remotely using personal computer, tablet or a smartphone.

Commercial and residential client can benefit from the use of keyless enter or door locks to access a premise. No access will be permitted with these types of locks. With Keyless Entry Locks, you never have to worry about locking keys inside a premise.

This type of keyless locks might be found from a number of shops but it is still best to get one from the right company to get a quality one. We are available round the clock to service your keyless entry locks anytime of the day or night. We offer a range of electronic door locks that can only be opened via fingerprint identification, Smart Card, key fob, or keypad to enhance the security of your premise.