Master Key Lock

Masker keys are keys that are designed to open different locks even if they are not keyed the same. A Master Key System includes a hierarchy of keys along with a variety of cylinders or locks that let different or individual key holder gain access to any given parts of a building or buildings.

Master keys are usually utilized by property owners throughout apartment buildings in which there is a master key that can open a door in every apartment, and on the other hand, each tenant also have a key to their own and specific unit. Tenants's key may also be used to access the main door of the building along with other areas accessible to renters. However, it does not have the ability to access all doors in the entire apartment unlike master keys.

Master key system is a complex system that involves grand master and sub master keys. You need a master key if you do not want to keep a lot of keys for a lot of doors.

Dependent upon your key holder, we're going to come up with the proper master key systems. When in an urgent locksmith emergency trouble, make sure to call our locksmiths at our emergency hotline number. Our customer support is available 247.